Here is an interview I had for the show in Civitella d'Agliano, a town next to Rome, in the end of October 2003, for a local newspaper. The questions are a little difficult to understand: that's not my fault, I also ‘broke my head' for answering. Anyway, I decided to write it on my web-site to give some more keys to who wants to know who i am.


When did you start your photographing activity?

There is not a precisious moment when I started my research in photographing; better, I don't think it is clear enough. Sure the meeting with Tony d'Urso (since 1974 photographer at Odin Teatret, Eugenio Barba's Danish group), happened for casuality, was a fundamental moment.

What are the ideals and fonts for your creations? Who is your favorite artist?

My favourite artist in photographing is my friend and master Tony d'Urso. There are not precisious rules or ideas that guide my way of photographing. The synthesis between my work in theatre and phototographing is the core to understand what I mean with my art.

Moreover, I think that the presence of the printing process when a photo is borning is a fundamental and very personal moment. For that, i.e. for practical needs and for aesthetical preference, i use to work with black and white films.

Which are the aesthetical principles you prefer in a photo?

There are not aesthetical principles i prefer in a photo. Sure I prefer who represents herself or himself when photographing, independently of the subject or the color, and i hate technicalities when these are cold and steel the inner aim of the photographer. That's not a praise to the semlicity, but a praise to the honesty towards the people who see your work and to the will to show ourselves naked through the art: I think this is the first rule to create an artisic work.

What is the form of art that better represents today's society?

Each form of art can (and must) represents today's society.

What is your point of view about today's national culture? And about the international one?

The question is very large and needs of a knowledge of different subjects, that I have not. Anyway, I can answer sayng that, in my experience, i prefer the contemporany forms of arts when you can see a dialectical overcoming of the past, i. e. when you feel a research intention that takes inside, synthetically, what have been and that moves to resarch something unknown, in a dynamic process stimulated by energy. I wish not to be too separated… be continued